The Lite Gardener's lawn maintenance your lawn can look like the picture of the right
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Top Dressing and Overseeding. 

Top dressing and overseeding are important components in any organic lawn maintenance program. Combining topdressing with overseeding will gain the best result. The following pictures show key stages in the production of a repair using topdressing and overseeding to illustrate some key points.

 The first picture in this sequence shows an extreme example of a lawn that needed repair.

This picture shows the same lawn after 15 days. You can still see the topsoil used to topdress the lawn.

Some people apply grass seed to the lawn and then cover with ⅛ to ¼" of topsoil or compost. However, seed covered more than ¼" of soil it has difficulty germinating and it is difficult to be this accurate. Others mix the seed and the soil and spread them on the lawn together then gently rake a thin layer of the mixture over the lawn. Because seed covered with too much soil will not germinate we apply the seed after topdressing and lightly brush over the seed using the back of the rake to avoid this problem

  Note the lawn sprinkler is on. It is extremely important that newly seeded areas be kept wet by frequent watering. If they are not kept wet the seat will not germinate. If it is allowed to dry out for even a single day seed germination can be reduced by 30% or more.

In the final photograph the lawn sprinkler is off. Once the lawn has matured fully a normal watering cycle can be resumed.

Note that the lawn is not been mowed in the final photograph, but it is now ready for mowing. Mowing of a newly seeded area is not done until it reaches 4 inches high. Then it can be cut with the mower blade set to cut the grass to a height of 3 inches.