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Transplanting Trees and Shrubs

The Lite Gardener offers a tree and shrub planting service.  As well we will plant your gardens and foundation beds. This is just a few notes on how we will ensure that your trees are planted properly.

First, we will plant the tree no deeper than it was planted before.  Planting a tree too deep deprives the tree roots of oxygen and can kill it over a period of time.  Secondly we will make sure that the hole is more than wide enough to accommodate the roots.

There is always a loss of some roots during transplanting.  We apply a special fungus, as well as applying specially formulated fertilizers to encourage the formation of new roots.

We will never allow the roots of the tree to dry out during the transplanting. We recommend that the homeowner water the trees for the first year, but not so heavily to deprive the newly transplanted tree roots of oxygen.

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