The Lite Gardener's lawn maintenance your lawn can look like the picture of the right
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An example of the landscape maintenance done by the Lite Gardener

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Examples Of the Lite Gardener's Lawn And Garden Maintenance

The Lite Gardener performs all types of lawn maintenance services including lawn cutting and edging, weeding, controlling insects, fertilizing, aeration, top dressing, over seeding and laying sod, the Lite Gardener also maintains your garden's weed and insect free and trims the trees and shrubs as needed to keep your garden's looking beautiful.  We will keep your flower gardens blooming.  We will also assist you in the choice of plants suitable for your location, design foundation and flower beds to your specifications, and plant them.

The Lite Gardener takes pride in doing all of that organically.If you think that organic gardening involves compromising on the beauty of your lawns and gardens take a look at the pictures  by clicking on the link above and you will see that organic gardening done the Lite Gardener way does not involve a compromise with quality.  

There is a reason for this - the skill and knowledge of the owner and operator all the Lite Gardener, Muhtar Ablikim.  As detailed on our research page Muhtar is a former university researcher and has studied at the University of Toronto and Chinese universities.   He knows how to make your lawns and gardens beautiful without the use of chemicals that damage the environment and endanger you, your children and your pets.  You can have a pleasant landscape without them. He has the knowledge needed to make organic gardening work. 

Setting aside all of this, browse through these pictures by clicking on the picture to view a slide show to see how properly maintain lawns and gardens can create an outdoor environment that will be a source of tranquillity that you can enjoy.  Just click on a picture and press the links on the page to browse through the photographs of our lawn and garden maintenance projects. And if you are satisfied give us a call at 416-826-8383 or email us at for a quote.