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What is Aeration & How Will It Help Your Lawn?

Aeration is one of the most important steps in organic lawn care. Aeration involves using an “aerator” to make hundreds of small holes in the lawn. The small holes reduce soil compaction and allow water, oxygen, nutrients and organic matter to better penetrate to the roots of the grass. This also causes roots to go deeper, making the lawn more resistant to drought and disease.  The aerator also helps to remove deep thatch,

The Lite Gardener uses lawn equipment that has spikes or coring posts on it. It pulls plugs of soil out the ground.  These plugs are 2″-3″ in depth and are spaced at about 3 inches apart.  These plugs are then deposited on the lawn where they will work their way in the grass within a month.

The Lite Gardener who recommends aeration twice a year for lawns with high traffic, heavy soils which tend to compact.  If you want to maintain the lawn to a high standards the lite gardener would also suggest aeration in both the spring before fertilizing, top dressing and over seeding.

Or a variation is done in the fall the Lite Gardener will aerate at least 30 days before the ground freezes.

The Lite Gardener will ask you to surly water your lawn the day before aerating so plugs can be pulled more deeply and easily.. After aerating continue giving the lawn 1″ of water twice a week.  This will ensure law has the opportunity to recover before dormancy.

The Lite Gardener recommends that you do not aerator newly seeded lawns and sod for at least 12 months

If desired, the Lite Gardener will fertilize and overseed your lawn immediately following aeration.

The Lite Gardener will ask that you mark all sprinkler heads, shallow irrigation lines and cable TV lines before aerating so those lines will not be damaged