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Organic Gardening and Lawn Care for the GTA

The Lite Gardener provides all kinds of gardening services and lawn maintenanceThe Lite Gardener provides gardening services in  the Greater Toronto Area communities of Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Maple, Vaughan, Markham, Unionville,    and North Toronto, Ontario.

The Lite Gardener provides all types of organic landscape and lawn maintenance services including lawn cutting and edging, weeding, controlling insects, fertilizing, aeration, top dressing, over seeding and laying sod. The Lite Gardener also maintains your gardens weed and insect free and trims the trees and shrubs to keep your garden's looking beautiful.    We will also assist you in landscape design recommending plants suitable for your location, help in designing foundation and flower beds to your specifications. Once you have chosen, we will plant them.

Our Services

Lawn Maintenance
Over Seeding
Foundation bed design, planting and maintenance
River rock
Flowerbed design, planting and maintenance
We offer all the services you need to maintain your lawn at its green best including fertilization, aeration, hand weeding, organic pest control and spring cleanups. Click on the picture above to see a demonstration of how even a severely damaged lawn can be restored using top dressing and over seeding.

We assist in the design of, plant and maintain your foundation beds to enhance the beauty of your landscaping

River rock can add to the beauty of your landscaping in areas where it is difficult to grow plants or lawn.

We also plant and maintain flower and shrub beds.

Why choose the Lite Gardener ?

Everyone offers those services so why would the Lite Gardener be your first choice? Here are some reasons. 

The Knowledge and Commitment of its Owner, Former Horticultural Researcher Muhtar Ablikim.

Muhtar has received a Bachelor's Degree in Grass and Forage Crop Science and has completed postgraduate courses at the master and doctoral levels in Horticultural Science. He has more than 10 years of biological, horticultural, and business experience and related research at the Xinjiang Agricultural University, China Agricultural University, and Faculty of Forestry at the University of Toronto. He has taught plant genetics and breeding at Xinjiang Agricultural University.

Click here for a list of research Muhtar has participated in and papers published by Muhtar. The changes introduced by the Ontario Government place a premium on knowledge, knowledge which Muhtar clearly has. Knowledge which you and your lawns gardens will greatly benefit from.

The Pesticide Ban Makes It More Difficult To Maintain Your Lawns and Gardens

The Lite Gardener clearly has the knowledge to deal with the issues posed by the pesticide ban while making sure your lawns and gardens remain a source of tranquility and enjoyment.

For example, this ban raises a number of issues for homeowners wishing to enjoy their lawns and gardens and to share the enjoyment these provide with the neighbourhood. How do you control the chinch Bugs and grubs in your lawn and other insects in your garden without the use of chemical pesticides?


Knowledge without commitment to customer satisfaction does not mean much. You will be pleased with the Lite Gardener's combination of knowledge and commitment to customer satisfaction. We will not rest until you are fully satisfied.

Competitive Pricing

We take pride in our work and are determined to offer superior service at a competitive price.

Please email us at for a  consultation and quote. Please provide us with a telephone number and a convenient time for us to call you, or call us at (416) 826-8283.

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