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The Lite Gardener, led by former horticultural researcher Muhtar Ablikim, has the knowledge needed to provide gardening and lawn care services organically. The research projects and publications described on this page provide convincing evidence of that.

The Lite Gardener`s Research Background Helps in Organic Gardening and Lawn Care

Study of Breeding for Disease and Cold Resistant Varieties of Alfalfa

This major scientific strategic project was started by the National Science Committee in China. In this project, the resistance of alfalfa was studied using common and mutagenic methods

Study on the Hay Production and Cultivation of Alfalfa

This was another major scientific strategic project of the National Science Committee. In this study, we systemically researched alfalfa planting, production, processing and seed prediction, and put forward a set of techniques for alfalfa industrialization, which laid the theoretical basis for alfalfa industrial development.

Study on the Extension Production for Three Cut Flowers

This was a provincial Education Bureau Project. In this study techniques to rapidly multiply and remove viruses in apical meristem tissues were employed in three cut flowers: Gladiolus (Gladiolus hybridus Hort.), Tulip (Tulipa gesneriana L), and Rose (Rosa cus.). These techniques were adopted and resulted in positive economic benefit . .

Bloat Free Alfalfa Breeding by Biotechnology

A major animal husbandry project of the Ministry of Agriculture. This project aimed to develop a variety of alfalfa that would not cause foraging animals to develop bloating, which can cause death. This project used vegetative cell crossing by protoplast fusion between alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) and sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia Scop.) transferring the concentrating tannin gene from sainfoin to alfalfa.

The project discovered some important regularities in research into breeding bloat-free alfalfa, filled in some gaps in international research and advanced the approach used in similar studies around the world.   

Study on the Seed Multiplication System and Techniques for Qitai Smooth Brome Grass

A Ministry of Agriculture Project that studied technique and theory of seed multiplication.

The technique involved several phases:

  • we established a breeder seed field of about 0.5 ha. by taking cuttings off the best plants.

  • Then these 734 clones were transplanted into a 1.5 ha. foundation seed field. These were allowed to cross fertilize and the seeds were used to grow plants in what became a certificated seed field.

  • The 74 ha. certificated seed field was expanded into 2440 ha.

  • this project produced US$656,300 in economic benefits for research facility over 5 years

Using vegetative reproduction (cuttings) to multiply Qitai smooth brome grass was first proposed in China and this project was the first to implement the idea.

Identification for Landraces of Qitai Smooth Brome Grass

Assigned by Provincial Animal Husbandry Bureau Project. It collected land races of Qitai smooth brome grass and studied the biological features, particularity contrasting Qitai and Zhaoshu smooth brome grasses. As a result of this research Qitai smooth brome grass was approved as a national forage variety.

Purifying of Xinjiang Broad-leaf Alfalfa Landrace

Assigned by Agricultural Ministry. Its main concern was to renew varieties, provide high-quality seeds and purity grasses.

Seed Treatment with the Antioxidant Ambiol Enhance Membrane Protection in Seedlings Exposed to Drought and Low Temperature

Education Bureau Project.

Test the Efficacy of Bioactive Compound (ambiol) on Growth Turf Grasses

Education Bureau Project

Breeding of A Drought Resistant, Early Maturing and High Yield Brome Grass.

The result showed that the new line had a 14%  higher yield than the CK standard.



Effect of NAA and BAP on Induction of Callus and Somatic Embryogenesis in Onobrychis Viciifolia Scop. cv “Gansu”

Published in “Grassland Of China” Journal, 2000, #4 pg 27-29

Technique for Rose Production. 

Published in “Flowers and Trees Potted Landscape ” 2000, #4 p 10

Agricultural Production in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region – Current Situation and Strategy.

Published in “China Population, Resources, and Environment”, 1999 #9, pg 47-49″.

Research on the Gladiolus Hybridus Hort Bulb in Urumqi

Published in ” Journal of Xinjiang Agricultural University”, 1999 #2 pg 52-57

Tissue Culture and Plant Regeneration of Onobrychis Tanaitica Spreng

Published in “Grassland of China”, 1998 #5, pg 18-20

Evaluation of the Seedling Establishment Ability of Four Smooth Brome Grasses on Dryland

Published in “Livestock of Plant-eating” Journal Sep 1996, pg 77-80

Determination of Seed Germination and Salt-resistance of Seedling in Four Smooth Brome Grasses .

Published in “The Essay Collection of the Second Academic Discussion”, Urumqi, Aug 1995, pg 883-834

Technique for the Breeding Seed Production of Qitai Smooth Brome Grass.

Published in “Journal of August 1st Agricultural College” 1994, #4 pg 1-5

Regional Test of Qtai Smooth Brome Grass

Published in   “Journal of August 1st Agricultural College” 1992 #15 pg 48-53

Variety Test of Qtai Smooth Brome Grass

Published in “Journal of August 1st Agricultural College” 1992 #15 pg 45-47

Study on the Germplasm of Onobrychis

Published in “Journal of August 1st Agricultural College” 1991 #3

Primary Study on Native Y ellow Flowered Alfalfa in Xinjiang

Published in “Journal of August 1st Agricultural College”  1990, #3, pg 61-67

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