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Reviews and comments from some of our customers over the years. We thank you for your trust and for your business.

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My name is Jim Kirby. I was so impressed with Muhtar’s work knowledge and observational skills that I put together this website for him to tell the the local community about his services.

Muhtar has shown himself to be diligent and hard working. Muhtar does whatever it takes to make my place look nice. I have silver maples in my front and back yards. In the spring these maples release thousands of keys covering my entire property. Many of these keys sprouted under the three big spruces I have on my front lawn. Muhtar spent hours pulling these out because they were making my property look messy. I do not believe he counted upon this work when he submitted his bid.

Equally important he is knowledgeable about gardening. A glance at the research page on this site will convince you of that. More importantly, Muhtar is demonstrated the ability to translate this research background into practical applications. On the side of my yard I have Cedars that were planted last year by another party. Three or four of these Cedars looked to be dead and I was about to instruct Muhtar to replace them. Muhtar looked on the other side of the Cedars to see what was going on and they were all brown. Mysteriously, they were green on my side of the fence.

Muhtar figured out that the trees were going brown on the neighbour’s side on the fence because his house was shielding them from the light. They were green on my side of the house because enough light was getting through. The four trees that were completely dead were brown on both sides because they were shaded on the one side by a my neighbour’s house and the other side they were shaded by trees on my property. An Internet search has turned out references to browning of Cedars being caused by a lack of adequate light.

Muhtar’s observation had saved me hundreds of dollars replacing the dead cedars in kind not knowing that those would not have grown properly in that spot. Instead Muhtar help me pick out suitable trees that could grow in the shade.

I have no hesitancy in recommending Muhtar.

Jim Kirby

Richmond Hill

Muhtar came recommended to us after endless searching for somebody to help us repair our yard. After re-sodding our front yard last year, we asked Muhtar to come back to help us re-green our backyard so our kids could play back there. We had bad soil, poor drainage, and way too many weeds. He helped us find a solution which was economical and successful. We are happy with the results. He is very knowledgeable, diligent, courteous, hardworking, and we look forward to having him do work for us again. We have also referred him to our friends and they have been equally satisfied.

L. & J. Kurtz


Muhtar, thank you for all your help over the years. I can’t believe it’s been 10 already. You’re an honest, knowledgeable, reliable person and I would highly recommend you and your company to any one. In fact, I often recommend you to family and friends and let them know how hard-working you are and that the results speak for themselves. Thank you especially for your recent help with the over seeding and top-dressing. I look forward to a much richer lawn this year and next. Thanks also for stopping by to check on it and call me to let me know I needed to water it more. Your dedication to your work and your customers is highly commendable. Thanks!

G. Rich

Richmond Hill

We have only just started with The Lite Gardener and am truly impressed that “no job is too small or big” for Muhtar. He is very approachable and hardworking. Muhtar takes pride in his work and that is refreshing. I look forward to sharing my garden with him!

M. McLennan


We purchased a home whose grass and garden had been severely neglected. Muhtar, The Lite Gardener did an excellent job evaluating, planning, and revamping our entire landscape. He has an excellent knowledge of plants and their required care for maximum health. Additionally Muhtar is a timely and diligent horticulturalist whose fees are very reasonable. I enthusiastically recommend The Lite Gardener.

Evan Heltay

North Toronto

We have had a large number of garden care professionals design, implement and care for our gardens and lawns in Markham over the years.  We discovered Muhtar in the spring of 2009 and have been delighted.  Beginning with his early response and quick turnaround — combined with a competitive quote for services —  it has gone well from the start. 

Muhtar has demonstrated knowledge, dedication and just plain willingness to work hard!  He clearly cares about the appearance and health of the property and plants in addition to just “fulfilling his contract”.   Unlike many companies who are difficult to reach through anything other than an answering machine, he is easily reachable by cell phone and email.  He does not delegate the work to people who have no knowledge of or interest in the outcome. He is willing to take on small and large assignments, is thorough and diligent in following up, and is appreciative of our business. 

Janice & Keith


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